First Person: I Would like to Work Until I Am 80

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More and more people are working past the standard retirement age of 65. There are obviously a number of reasons for this. Some professionals have to keep working in order to compensate for declining investments. Other individuals choose to keep working simply because they are concerned about filling the time when they retire. The age of 80 is a long way off, but I would love it if I were still working at that age.

Staying active

From a practical standpoint, it would be nice to work until 80 because that would mean that I actually lived that long. In addition, it would mean that somehow I could get myself back and forth to work. There is more and more literature that suggests longevity is connected with consistent activity. Once people become sedentary, they head down a path of physical decline. Sitting around is not a recipe for living a healthy and productive life.

A sense of purpose

Another benefit to working is that it gives people an ongoing sense of purpose. When you are 80, you are not necessarily going to be creating a master plan for the next 20 years. However, work gives people a reason to get up every day. It promotes interaction with other people and it helps ward off stretches of boredom that might accompany retirement. I hope that I always have something to do each day.

Less responsibility

Granted, if I am working when I am 80, I do not necessarily want to be in a job that requires a great deal of mental energy. That doesn't mean that I want a boring task, but I would probably be content with something simple. Even now, I do not have grand ambitions to scale the corporate ladder. I have a job that is rewarding and fulfilling. If my job does not lead to something bigger and better, that is just fine. Work is not always about the next level.

Staying flexible

Like many people, I have other things that I would like to do when I retire. I would like to travel a bit, see family and enjoy some periods of relaxation. Therefore, I do not necessarily want to be working a lot of hours each week. A few shifts would be just fine, with the opportunity to take time off when I would like to do something else. All of those factors may be wishful thinking, but it is something to strive for in the future.

A person can dream, right?

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