First Person: We're Opting for a 'Staycation' This Year

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After purchasing our first home, paying for some costly home repairs, and covering the cost of an expensive pet surgery, my husband and I are stressed and financial strapped. As spring approaches, we were hoping to go on a small vacation in April to unwind, but with gas prices nearing $4 a gallon we have decided to settle for a short "staycation" instead. Here is what we have planned, and what it is going to cost us.

Visiting a nearby aquarium

There is an aquarium has a large section of exotic species of marine life about two hours from our hometown that we plan to visit. We've visited this aquarium a couple of times before and it's always fun, so we decided to add it to the itinerary during our "staycation." The total cost for this afternoon trip will be $46 for the entrance fees and ar ound $104 for a full tank of gasoline at $4 a gallon. That's a total of $150 for this portion of our trip.

Going to see a play

I haven't been to see a play in a very long time. In fact, I think the last time was when I was in high school. Recently, my mother in-law told us about little place about 30 minutes away where we can see a play and have dinner all for the price of admission. Our tickets will cost of $40 each, so for entertainment and dinner we will spend a total of $80.

A day at Churchill Downs

Living in the town that is famous for hosting the Kentucky Derby is intriguing to outsiders. For people like me who have lived within minutes of the famed Churchill Downs race track their entire lives it's something we often forget about. In fact, it's been years since I've visited, so we decided to go during our "staycation." The admission fee will cost us $20 for my husband and I, and we plan to take $40 to spend while there. The total cost for this night out will be $60, which isn't bad for a night of fun.

All told, we will spend about $290 during our time off. That is about $310 less than our last three day vacation. Staying at home is not as exciting as staying in a fancy hotel, but saving on room and board cost will allow us to have a great vacation complete with entertainment on a small budget.

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