First Person: We're Saving Over $200 Per Month on Baby Supplies

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Having a baby can be expensive. There are so many things that a little one needs every day. But there are simple and effective ways to cut those expenses. Here is how we do it.


We use cloth diapers rather than disposables and this alone saves us about $100 every month. Maybe you have seen the expensive cloth diapers that cost several hundred just to get a starter package. We started out with just some simple prefold cotton cloth diapers that cost us a little over $1 per diaper. We got some cheap plastic pants to cover them for about $2 per cover. It cost us less than $50 to get stated with cloth diapers and has not cost us much more than that since. Our baby is now 8 months old and we still use cloth.

Clothing and Toys

For most of our baby's toys and clothes, we buy used items and what we can find on clearance. Sine he outgrows clothes every 3 to 4 months and has already outgrown some of his toys, this saves us an average of $50 per month. We shop the local consignment and thrift stores regularly for clothes and toys. We often even look for larger clothing sizes when we shop since we know he will grow into those new clothes soon. When the seasons change, we check the local stores for clearance items. We have found that a great place to buy used baby books is the local library. We can get a book in decent condition for $1 or less whereas most new baby books cost at least $10.


I primarily breastfeed our baby so we save about $50 every moth on formula as well. Obviously breastfeeding is free and formula costs money so this is an easy one. But if you choose not to breastfeed or have milk supply issues like I do, getting on the mailing list of a major formula producer is very helpful. I have gotten over $50 in formula coupons just because I am on a company's mailing list. I also frequently look for clearance baby food items as well. Many stores will mark food items on clearance that are going to expire in a few weeks. Since our baby goes through about two jars of baby food every day, we can easily use up the food before it will expire. The stores that carry a wider variety of baby food have clearance items more often so it is best to check them weekly.

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