First Person: Why Having a Real Estate Agent Was Beneficial

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We haven't always had the best of luck when it comes to our real estate agents; however, this doesn't mean that we haven't learned a thing or two about why having the right agent/client match can be so critical. Whether buying or selling a home, finding the real estate agent that fits best with our needs can make the process simpler, less stressful, and hopefully less costly as well.

Here are a few of the experiences we've had during our home purchases -- as well as home sale -- that have taught us that while we're moving into an age where interpersonal communication may be decreasing, it can still be important to have a real estate agent's help in certain situations.


A real estate agent can have a variety of connections and network opportunities that someone like me just doesn't have. Whether it's knowing and having built relationships other Realtors and agents, having access to online distribution or advertising sources, or being able to call upon other contacts within the industry, many real estate agents have built up their network connections over a period of years or even decades and can call upon these various resources when needed.

While I might know people and have networks of my own, they don't necessarily correlate with the home buying and selling industry, and that is where a real estate agent can earn some of that commission that at times seems a bit excessive.

Industry Contacts

Beyond having networks that can help us just buy or sell homes though, there are other industry contacts that a real estate agent might have that can help make the process -- whether buying or selling -- go a bit more smoothly.

Whether it's knowing repair people and contractors to help get issues in a home wrapped up quickly, a knowledge of quality and trustworthy home inspectors they can recommend, having relationships with mortgage, appraisal, and financial professionals, knowing of a quality moving company, having a few good real estate lawyers whom they can call upon for closing needs, and similar industry contacts, agents can have an insider's knowledge of and access to the people who can make the home buying or selling process just a little bit easier.


I think that many people, like myself, are just more comfortable going through the negotiating process with a third party buffer. Seeing a "For sale by owner" sign can be a turn off to some buyers and this can leave a potential sale missing out on a substantial portion of the real estate market.

This is where having a real estate agent can really come in handy. By using an agent as a negotiating tool, it can take more direct negotiating in which so many people may feel uncomfortable out of the equation. This way the agent can act as a go-between a buyer and seller, taking some of the stress out of the negotiating process.

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