First Person: Why I Would Never Buy a Television on Black Friday

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Black Friday has come and gone in 2012, but there is still plenty of shopping days before the holiday season is over. Inspired shoppers have snatched all the 40" televisions for $179. In addition, staffs at major retailers are cleaning up after the crazed mob trashed their establishment. I stayed at home and watched the violence unfold on television as Americans used firearms to secure parking spaces. This is not the first year where there was violence on Black Friday, and unfortunately it probably won't be the last. I was reminded why I will never buy a television on Black Friday.

Checking under the hood

An article on CNBC wondered why people were still chasing televisions rather than tablets. Simple. People still love big screens, and they love the idea of getting a giant monitor for an amazing price. However, a small amount of research reveals the fact that discounted TVs are often off-brands or "derivative" models from major manufacturers. In other words, the cheap TV is, well, cheap. The components, features and warranties may not be comparable to a unit that is more expensive.

Time is money

I realize that some people do have some free time on their hands. Therefore, if they want to pitch a tent outside a retail store, I suppose that is their right as an American citizen. However, that is not a good use of my time. I will stand in line for some things, but there comes a point where it does not make sense for me to wait for hours. At some point, it makes more sense for me to stay home and write an article about how it is not a good use of my time to stand in line for a cheap TV.

A feat of strength

From a practical standpoint, I would not want to attempt buying a television on Black Friday because I would be afraid my physical skills would be inadequate. I do stay in shape, and I do watch football. However, I did not play football competitively in school, and I suspect I would need some football moves in order to get a TV. When the doors opened I would need to run, elude other shoppers and potentially break some tackles. Then, I would need to hoist the giant box onto a cart and somehow retrace my steps back to the checkout line before the angry mob separated me from my treasure.

No, thanks. When the TV needs to be replaced, I will wait for a quiet weekday in January. Something tells me that there will still be some sort of sale.

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