First Person: Why I Participate in Frugal Friday

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My husband wore a tacky tourist type shirt last Friday with the excuse that it was "casual Friday" at his office. I told him his bad fashion sense fit in well with my Frugal Friday plans, since I would not be seen having dinner with him. That would save us some money right there.

All joking aside, I explained to him that I have been practicing Frugal Friday for a few months now and it's been working out quite well.

Eating at home

I used to go to my favorite Thai restaurant for lunch on Fridays and then hit the nearby shopping mall. I practiced making inexpensive Thai dishes at home on Fridays instead. I found a vegetable curry dish could feed the entire family for just $5. By eating at home just one day a week I save an estimated $15.

Conserving gasoline

Instead of driving to work appointments on Fridays, I used Friday for my day off. I rode my bicycle to visit my friend in a neighboring community. I did not spend my time driving the car around aimlessly and eating up gas. Based on my gasoline consumption the other six days of the week, I saved $10 in gas.

Enjoying a night in

We used to enjoy a night on the town on Fridays, but don't enjoy the high cost of movie theater tickets and popcorn. Instead, we rent a movie for just $1 from the movie vending machines or get caught up on our favorite television shows. Instead of eating popcorn, I organize my coupons while viewing our shows. We save $30 by staying in.

Putting water restrictions into place

I'm used to the water department in my community placing water restrictions on homeowners because of the ongoing droughts in Florida. I decided to place water restrictions on myself. I take quick showers instead of baths on Fridays. I don't water my plants in the yard. I skip the laundry for one day. My monthly water bill was $20 less after four Frugal Fridays, which means I saved $5 a week.

I save at least $60 on my Frugal Fridays. By staying away from the tempting stores on Fridays, I end up spending even less. Now we have $240 a month, which happens to be the amount we needed in order to fund our Roth IRA account.


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