First Person: Why I Stayed in the Workforce After Having Children

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A growing number of Generation Y moms say they are quitting after having children because having a job is too expensive.

Instead of leaving the workforce after having my two children, I found ways to balance work and motherhood by working in a home office and having a flexible schedule.

As a writer from Generation X, I had the option to take a job as a full-time staff writer or work at home as a correspondent. I ended up saving a lot of money by staying home with my children because I didn't need to drive as often or pay for weekly childcare. I made twice the pay I would have made as a staffer.

According to an article by CNNMoney, financial advisors have looked at a cost analysis that factor in transportation, taxes, clothing and lunch to figure out what a woman truly nets.They say it's too expensive for some women to work.

Finding reliable babysitters

Instead of paying for the high cost of daycare, I was able to find affordable, reliable and trustworthy babysitters who offered a drop off rate. In the evenings, when I needed to work, I could often depend on teenage babysitters. Some friends have relatives or spouses who will watch their children if they have to meet with clients. Although it takes some legwork, it is completely doable to create a network of babysitters that don't cost a fortune. According to CNNMoney, in 2010, it cost more to put two children in child care than the typical annual cost of a person's rent. A lot of daycare centers are extremely expensive, but I found a lot of moms will trade swap babysitting duties with other professional moms.

Keeping yourself marketable

By staying active in my career, I was able to easily land a job after my children were old enough to go to school full-time. Even after working in an office for several years, I found I missed having a home office. A lot of professionals now have the option to telecommute. Even teachers can work as virtual school or online teachers.

I liked working as my children grew up. I had more to talk about with my husband. I was able to take my children with me to different work events, which only improved their communication and social skills.

Being a stay-at-home mom is a luxury in our society. I think every woman should make the choice that is right for her and her family without feeling criticized or judged by other people.

I know my Generation Y friends who were "latch-key kids" don't want that same experience for their children. They always want to be at home if their child when their child returns home from school. They don't want someone else to raise their children. I don't blame them.

For me, I found the best of both worlds by being at home with my children and working out of a home office. And with the trend going toward a more flexible work schedule, more professional women have that option. Women who say it's too expensive to work might really being saying they just don't choose to. And that's OK.

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