First Person: I Won’t Move for a Better-Paying City

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People will do a lot of things to find a job, and for good reason. For centuries, various individuals, families and groups have followed the work around their geographic area or even across wide oceans. Today, the world has stayed the same size but it can feel "smaller" due to technological advances in communication. Despite all of that, there is still the age-old idea of moving to a particular city because the vocational options are better. That may work for some people, but at this point of my life I cannot fathom making the move.

Still a challenge

If I had a specific offer for a job in another part of the country, would I at least consider it? Certainly that would be a prudent course of action. Options in life should be pondered, even if thinking about it does not take very long. However, the idea of moving to a city just because it theoretically has better employment is not an appealing concept. If you look at this list , there is still the cost of housing and reasonably challenging rates of employment. It isn't like there are major cities out there that can promise free houses, clean streets and lucrative jobs for everyone. As a resident of Southern California, there are certainly some reasons to stay in the area, but there are also reasons to look elsewhere including cost of living, traffic and overall congestion.

Stage of life

Part of this is about the stage of life. These lists are interesting to read, but they seem more geared to the individual who is either young, single or much more willing to uproot their family. For better or for worse, I am none of those. Sure, there are times when you have to think about moving a whole family, but for me those situations are few and far between. The situation in my life now would have to be much worse for me to consider moving. As much as better employment is desirable, there is something very valuable about having a stable life situation that includes friends and community involvement.

Mobile work

One has to wonder if some of this moving around will change as more work becomes mobile. Some of my work can be done virtually anywhere, which can be very convenient from a geographic standpoint. I do try to avoid taking this for granted, as many industries still require on-site employees that could never work from a remote location. The downside to working remotely is that work is always accessible. There are times when it is nice to leave the challenges of work at the geographically-specific office.

Regardless, I do not see myself moving anytime soon, even if there are some appealing cities out there.

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