First Person: I Won't Move for Money

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People will do a lot of things to make more money and be successful financially. Certainly I do not blame individuals for this, as bills must be paid and ends must be met. As a professional and a consumer, I do my best to maintain employment, look for new opportunities and make sure that I can meet the obligations of my household budget. However, I will not pick up and move far away just to maximize my financial state. Therefore, lists of the best states to start a small business or the cheapest countries for retirement do not motivate me in any way. For now, I am staying put.

Fine for other people

Do people really do this? Apparently they must, because we still seem to have a nomadic mentality that causes people to hitch up the wagon and head for more profitable territory. At face value, there is nothing wrong with moving to maximize your financial life. After all, some people lose their jobs, get transferred, want a fresh start or find that their current geography no longer holds anything for them. Still, am I supposed to read these lists, pack my bags and move from California to Vermont?

Times change

Here is another concern with this type of financial news. What happens when I move to Vermont and find that everyone else read the same list and now the state is saturated? I do place some value on this type of financial news, but sometimes people have to put it in context. Being successful financially is about ability, drive, timing and market opportunity. One does not just move to a state and find that pots of gold are handed out once you cross the border.

What is important in life?

I understand the desire to make money. After all, how else are we going to cover our expenses? Still, I sometimes worry about this mentality that a superior financial situation must be chased from state to state or country to country. Would I really want to leave behind family, friends and familiarity and move to Guam just because it is cheaper to retire there? Some things in life are more important. I live in Southern California, and trust me when I tell you that life is expensive here. However, I have a house, family, a good job and friends. What else is there?

It may be better to be an entrepreneur in Vermont right now, but I am not moving. Besides, my state is already on the list so apparently I am good.

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