First Person: Yankee Doodle No More

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First Person: Yankee Doodle No More

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Allison Murphy 8 years ago in training.

My husband, Paul, was born in London, England, and is a British Citizen. Our small family has lived in London for the past 4 years; only 3 years are required for citizenship. We when we were both stationed in Iraq, a war that neither of us agreed with, but were good Marines (Royal Marines for him), and we did our duty.

We both had very different responsibilities in Iraq. His was to teach villagers to protect themselves during an ambush from Al Quaeda. I was a motor transport operator,basically a truck driver for 7-tons. When the insurgents were In town they would make kids stand in front of our trucks to split us up so they could overtake our convoy. Our rules of engagement, were not to to stop, no matter what.

When I returned back to the states, it bothered me how much people did not care for these innocent Iraqi people who lost their lives, many of whom were children, I have to live with that. I just can't live I'm a country that hates Muslims so badly because a few of them have done terrible things.

While England is not perfect, the hate and discontent for people who are different from oneself is much less.
Here, they realize the extent of all of the mistakes that the war in Iraq has caused, I am in the process of giving up my United States citizenship, even though my husband is trying to get me to not to do it, He calls it his get out or jail free card. However, I do not think I can live with myself being an American.


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