Fluidigm Ships FLEXsixTM Integrated Fluidic Circuits to Genotyping and Gene Expression Customers

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Fluidigm Corporation (FLDM) has begun shipping production volumes of its FLEXsixTM integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs) to genotyping and gene expression customers. The FLEXsix IFC features a unique architecture consisting of six 12-assay-by-12-sample partitions that can each be run separately or together. Customers are able to either run each partition independently as separate experiments at separate times, or run multiple partitions simultaneously - giving them new levels of flexibility for their Fluidigm-based experiments.

The FLEXsix IFC supports genotyping, gene expression and single-cell gene expression and is available in volume now.

“The FLEXsix IFC provides the flexibility to run variable numbers of samples and assays while maintaining all the benefits of Fluidigm’s microfluidic IFCs, including an integrated workflow, low sample and assay consumption, and ultra-low cost,” said Nico Tuason, senior product manager at Fluidigm.

“Customers currently using traditional 96 and 384-well plates have been urging us to develop an IFC that would enable them to run a plethora of small experiments and also benefit from our IFC technology, while eliminating their need to conduct cumbersome revalidation and reoptimization studies. The FLEXsix IFC offers the adaptability and performance to meet these requirements,” explained Tuason.

All Fluidigm IFCs use 1000x less reagent volume per reaction than traditional microtiter plates, require minute amounts of sample, and provide fast turn-around time, an easy workflow, minimal hands-on time, and the ability to change samples and/or assays for each run, all while providing exceptional results inherent in automated microfluidics approaches.

The FLEXsix IFCs enable scientists in high volume production labs to run small pilot experiments that can then be transferred to full production, without re-optimization, bridging studies to larger scale studies.

For academic cores and service labs, using the Fluidigm BioMarkTM HD System and the FLEXsix IFC allows for a wide array of experiments, with a range of samples and targets.

The FLEXsix IFC allows production genomics customers to obtain outstanding results faster by enabling panel development that does not require re-validation studies. These customers can choose fewer assay targets to start, run pilot studies with more samples and targets, and ultimately deploy full production on any Fluidigm IFCs (48.48, 96.96 and 192.24 Dynamic Array™ IFCs), with minimal reaction-to-reaction variability, better consistency, and no expensive bridging/re-validation studies.

“The FLEXsix IFC used in conjunction with the BioMark HD System provides customers with one simple workflow to develop, validate, and deploy gene expression or SNP genotyping panels. They can easily migrate from dozens to thousands of samples and targets per day and skip the re-optimization and other headaches,” concluded Tuason.

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Fluidigm (FLDM) develops, manufactures, and markets life science analytical and preparatory systems for growth markets such as single-cell biology and production genomics. We sell to leading academic institutions, clinical laboratories, and pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and agricultural biotechnology companies worldwide. Our systems are based on proprietary microfluidics and multi-parameter mass cytometry technology, and are designed to significantly simplify experimental workflow, increase throughput, and reduce costs, while providing excellent data quality. Fluidigm products are provided for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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