ForceField Energy Signs LED Supply and Installation Agreement For Fantastic Proceres Casino

August 22, 2013

Fantastic Proceres Casino is One of Five Casinos Owned and Operated by Sabia Corporation

NEW YORK, NY (Accesswire- August 22, 2013) ForceField Energy Inc. ("ForceField") (FNRG), an international manufacturer, seller and distributor of energy products and solutions, today signed an agreement with Sabia Corporation, a leading hotel and casino owner and operator in Latin America, to supply and install LED lighting at Fantastic Proceres Casino located in Guatemala City, Guatemala. The agreement was a result of the Company's distribution agreement with DEK International, a global supplier of technology for the gaming industry.

Located in Zona Viva, at the heart of Guatemala City, Fantastic Proceres Casino is one of five casinos that Sabia Corporation owns and operates within Guatemala under the Fantastic Casinos brand. Since 2005, Fantastic Proceres has been one of the major night life attractions in Guatemala City. The casino offers a variety of gaming options with 10 live game tables, 180 machines and sports betting within its main floor and private room while live shows, live bingo and a bar-restaurant completes the entertainment offerings.

"This is the first of many potential casino opportunities that we are working on closing with our distribution partner DEK International", stated Richard St-Julien, ForceField's Chairman. "We believe our LED technology and solutions offer significant benefits across various applications and industries. But when specifically contemplating a casino's 24/7 operation, the opportunity to improve energy efficiency, increase lighting longevity and reduce maintenance are especially important given the disruptive impact of lighting issues on players, the casino staff, and its operations. We continue to promote LED lighting solutions that offer a quick return on investment, with this project delivering a payback in less than a year."

Cenk Basar, Executive Director at DEK International commented, "With more than 100 casino clients based in Latin America, we see significant opportunities to expand our LED lighting presence with Sabia Corporation, as well as other casino owners and operators throughout the region. Backed by ForceField’s LED technology and solutions, we can help our clients reduce their energy consumption, save their money, and improve their operating efficiency in a way that enhances both the client and patron experience."

Jean-Paul Sabini, President of Sabia Corporation added, "Upon the successful completion of this first installation, DEK International and Sabia Corporation are prepared and expect to equip an additional four casinos in the Guatemala, and thus create a strategic and substantial footprint to serve as a reference for all casinos located in Central America. Sabia Corporation's presence in Guatemala makes it the perfect ambassador to facilitate new installations across the country."

LED technology is one of the highest performing available methods of lighting, offering potential energy saving between 50%-70%. LED lighting technology can provide increased energy efficiency, greater cost savings and improved aesthetics over more traditional lighting configurations. Some major benefits of LED technology include lower power consumption (saving energy), longer product life (saving labor and time), and reduced heat generation (improved temperature control).

About ForceField Energy Inc.
ForceField Energy is a global company whose products and solutions focus on renewable energy and improved energy efficiency. ForceField's subsidiary, TransPacific Energy Inc. ("TPE") has patented a technology which uses proprietary multiple component fluids that are environmentally sound, non-toxic and non-flammable. Custom formulated mixtures efficiently capture and convert heat directly from the heat source at temperatures ranging from 75° F to 950° F. TPE's technology offers applications at broader temperature ranges than other energy recovery systems. TPE's systems in certain applications reduce operating and maintenance costs thereby significantly improving return on capital expenditures thus making the purchase of waste heat recovery systems which previously yielded nominal savings, economically viable. ForceField is the exclusive distributor in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Latin America, and the Caribbean of Light Emitting Diode ("LED") commercial lighting products and fixtures for a premier LED manufacturer, Lightsky. An LED is a semiconductor device which converts electricity into light. The LED light is considered "green" because of the absence of dangerous chemicals and an accompanying significant reduction in energy consumption depending on the application, from 50% to 70% of traditional lighting products.

ForceField is a distributor for PowerOneData International, Inc. a company that provides Advanced Metering Infrastructure and ASLM solutions to the international energy markets, reducing energy resource consumption and its negative impact on the environment and public health ForceField is also a significant manufacturer and distributor of trichlorosilane ("TCS") in China. TCS is a specialty chemical primarily used in the production of polysilicon, which is an essential raw material in the production of solar cells for PV panels that convert sunlight to electricity. TCS is considered to be the first product in the solar PV value chain before polysilicon, and is also the principal source of ultrapure silicon in the semiconductor industry. For additional information regarding ForceField Energy Inc. or Transpacific Energy, Inc., please visit the companies' websites at,, or contact Richard St-Julien at (212) 672-1786.

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