Foy-Johnston Announces Major Expansion Plans in Ghana

June 27, 2013

LAS VEGAS, NV-- Foy-Johnston (OTC PINK: FOYJ), has announced it is looking at several additional opportunities and projects in Ghana and has started discussions with the various parties regarding them.

The projects fall into various categories, but all can be classified as:

Agricultural Products

Diamonds, Semi-Precious and Rare Earth Minerals

Fresh Water

Technology and Internet Infrastructure

Through the many concessions that the Company has secured, the opportunities for further development of mineral extraction sites has increased dramatically as a result. The opportunities of further developing the diamonds and rare earth minerals is very exciting. The Company is actively pursuing these additional businesses to add to its already expanding gold portfolio in Cameroon.

Africa presents some very interesting opportunities and has a lot of potential for anyone willing to take the chance and leap of faith in the people and the government. Ghana unlike many of the other African nations is promoting a user friendly approach and has the red carpet out to any company willing to help the country grow and prosper. We are fortunate to have a good team and excellent contacts on the ground in Ghana assisting us in this expansion.

These are just a few of the opportunities that we will be exploring in the coming months ahead. Foy-Johnston is poised to become a very active participant in the economic development and expansion of Ghana and surrounding countries. This will result in a diversified revenue stream for the Company enabling it to maximize resources and to benefit from economies of scale.

"We are very excited by the prospects that are opening up for us in Ghana and the surrounding countries. We know that for companies that are positioned right, the growth opportunities are endless." Stated Brian Gallant, Vice-President of Foy-Johnston Inc.

About Foy-Johnston Inc.

Foy-Johnston through its wholly owned subsidiary Cameroon Mines is involved in enhancing exploration and mining assets through diligent application of technical and commercial expertise for the benefit of all stakeholders of Foy-Johnston in an efficient and environmentally responsible manner. Cameroon Mines is a mining explorer and producer committed to developing strategic mining exploration and project opportunities in Gold, Precious gems, Rare Earth Metals and Platinum Group Metals. The Company has assembled an experienced group of individuals with broad local and international industry knowledge. Where it will assist to build shareholder value and help fast-track the development of its accumulated assets Cameroon Mines will also secure the participation and support of key strategic partners globally, who can provide tangible benefits towards achieving the Company's goals. The company has already acquired a portfolio of Gold and Diamond exploration tenements in key mineral regions of Cameroon and Central African Republic. Our website is

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