Free FAFSA Assistance Provided to 56,000 Low-Income Students by Student Financial Aid Services

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Student Financial Aid Services, Inc. (SFAS) celebrates having served more than 56,000 low-income students and families with its Access for All® program which has now completed its 5th year. The program, designed to provide free FAFSA assistance and financial aid support services to low-income students and families, helps individuals apply for financial aid as well as understand and compare college costs. Students can even have their FAFSA completed for them by a professional Student Aid Advisor in an over-the-phone consultation.

Access for All® was started to provide free assistance and support to low-income students, helping them apply for financial aid, understand college costs and compare their college options. This innovative program provides each low-income student with professional FAFSA advice, error checking and problem resolution before the FAFSA is submitted to the federal processor. In addition, all students receive a custom College Cost & Planning Report®, which helps them understand and compare the costs of their colleges of interest.

“Our technologies, combined with a committed and knowledgeable team of Student Aid Advisors, gives us the opportunity to accurately submit the FAFSA for students who might otherwise submit the FAFSA with errors or give up completely,” said Bob Szrot, director of communications for Student Financial Aid Services. “Through what we believe to be the most effective and scalable FAFSA assistance program in the nation, we can reach out to underserved students and guide them through the process, helping them choose a college wisely and get one step closer to making their college dream a reality.”

Analysis of those served reveals the program’s success in helping some of the neediest students. Of the students participating in the program to date:

  • 80% had a household income below the national poverty level.
  • 63% were first-generation college students.
  • 40% are from families that receive federal public assistance.

“The feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Szrot. “Students tell us firsthand how they struggle with the process and how relieved they are to get individual assistance.”

Program participants who were surveyed revealed that:

  • 94% of participants felt more confident about the financial aid process.
  • 97% found the College Cost & Planning Report helpful.
  • The percent of participants who had poor or limited understanding of their eligibility for student aid halved from 90% to 46.5%.

Research has shown that students who file a FAFSA increase their chances at persisting through college than those who do not by over 70%. “We are thrilled to be able to simplify the application process, reduce anxiety and help students better prepare for the cost of a college education,” said Szrot. “As part of our expanding efforts to help low-income families, we are seeking to form partnerships with other organizations that share our mission of helping low-income, disadvantaged and other needy students access a college education.”

About Student Financial Aid Services, Inc.

Student Financial Aid Services, Inc. (, the nation’s oldest fee-based FAFSA preparation and advisory firm, advises students and their families on how to successfully obtain the most student aid possible to achieve their education dreams. Since 1991, its knowledgeable Student Aid Advisors have accurately prepared FAFSA applications on behalf of clients, as authorized by Congress. The company offers its services both online at and via telephone at 1-866-514-8938. More than 10,000 client testimonials are posted at

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