Frog Prince Joins Hands with CCAFC to Host Lecture on Child Education in Beijing

The lecture series helps fathers learn how to get more involved in their child's upbringing

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BEIJING, May 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Where Are We Going, Dad?, a program focusing on the interaction between parent and child, became an immediate hit across China in 2013. The show, featuring child-rearing topics, reported a record number of viewers. In 2014, shows dealing with how to better raise one's child have continued to increase in popularity at television stations across China. At least seven programs dedicated to the father-child interaction topic have been or will be broadcast this year, indicating a growing public awareness and recognition of a father's importance in family education.

Frog Prince (China) Daily Chemicals Co., Ltd, a strategic partner of Where Are We Going, Dad? Season One, joined hands with China Charities Aid Foundation for Children (CCAFC)-Blue Bird Seed to host a large-scale public service lecture on child education. The event, themed "Fathers: Are You Expressing Your Love and Affection in the Right Way?", invited Dong Zi, a well-known child education expert, as a keynote speaker. More than 300 parents took part in the event.

This was not the first partnership between Frog Prince and Blue Bird Seed. Since inception of the "Love and Affection" public service lecture series in 2012, Frog Prince has invited a number of renowned child education experts to give speeches on different topics and themes in a move to make parents more knowledgeable about how to better raise their children, Hong Fang, General Manager of Frog Prince (China) Daily Chemicals, said at the event. The lectures, which were given in Shanghai, Wuhan, Xi'an, Beijing, Chongqing, Shenyang, Changsha and Fuzhou over a period spanning three years, have proven highly popular among parents across China. The latest event held in Beijing signals the official start of Frog Prince's public service lecture series for 2014.

Four pointers from Dong Zi on how to become a good father

Dong Zi shared the latest research on the benefits of a father's involvement in a child's education with over 300 attendees at the event. Dong Zi noted that a father's contribution to a child's upbringing plays an important role in the development of a child's personality and character, influencing the child's level of optimism, confidence, generosity, tenaciousness, courage and determination. Dong Zi provided four pointers on how to become a good father during the event.

  • Avoid constant criticism of the child: Many fathers expect a child who is better and stronger than themselves and they tend to criticize their child for his or her shortcomings. This form of behavior is harmful to the healthy growth of their offspring. Dong Zi said a good father must avoid complaining about his child and realize that spending time playing with the child is something that brings happiness to the child. The complaining and constant criticism of the child's shortcoming is, in fact, a form of domestic violence that is ultimately harmful to the child. It behooves fathers to understand that the upbringing of one's child should focus on the human aspects and what is healthy for the child's growth. Furthermore, the father should choose educational methods that best fit their child's individual personality and character and should praise the child rather than criticize.
  • Become a thoughtful father: A healthy thought process is the most valuable skill parents can foster in their children. If parents have not properly developed their own thought processes and patterns,  How to lead their child to think? Children want fathers who are themselves thoughtful and mature in their thought processes so that they can learn from them. A father assumes a broad range of responsibilities and obligations and a good father should keep those responsibilities and obligations front and center in his mind at all times. When a child becomes confused and feels in need, a good father will exude confidence and courage and not shirk from his parental responsibilities.
  • Become a father who keeps a promise and follows through on it: As a father is the child's primary model and a person that the child will seek to emulate, a father's words and actions have a major impact on their child at a subconscious level. Many parents talk a lot but don't follow up their words with actions. Dong Zi believes parents, and, in particular, fathers, should speak less and should follow through on what they say. Children mimic their parents' behavior. Less talk and more action combined with spending quality time with their children will help them build trust and a healthy reliance on their fathers. A father's influence is very important and good fathers develop a healthy father-son relationship by keeping a promise and following through on it rather than constantly threatening and preaching.
  • Become a father who exudes positive energy: What kind of father is the one who exudes positive energy? According to Dong Zi, fathers who exude positive energy are honest, generous, confident, strong and positive. Fathers represent a mirror for children at home, hence, they should avoid smoking and excessive drinking at home and making empty promises to the child but rather establish a good relationship with their spouse, set a good example for the child and follow through on what they say. A father's model behavior helps a child grow up to become a good member of society. A healthy relationship between a father and a daughter allows the daughter to fully understand the distinction between men and women, and provides the daughter with a sense of her own self-dignity, elegance and self-confidence.

When answering a question posed by a member of the audience at the lecture, whereby the questioner was concerned that his eight-year-old son was displaying girlish behavior, Dong Zi responded that the concerned father could assist the boy by engaging the boy in sports activities favored by men including mountain climbing, running and having a go with exercise equipment. He advised the father to set a goal and a plan for his son. As psychological endurance increases in tandem with mental toughness, parents should train boys to make them psychologically strong. What kind of boy should he be? Set an example for his son, explain to him how to fulfill it and help him to fulfill it. Furthermore, encouragement is of prime importance. Prompt encouragement following a positive action or event gives boys a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction and helps them establish self-confidence while making them stronger.

Where will fathers be during the upcoming Children's Day?

China will soon celebrate the 65th Children's Day. In contrast to previous Children's Day holidays, this year's Children's Day happens to coincide with the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, providing an opportunity for children to enjoy the holiday rather than spend it in school. For a child, if a parent participates in the child's activities on that important day, the child will be all that much happier for it.

In China's traditional approach to child education, the mother's involvement is more emphasized. Books and researches have paid more attention to the mother's side of the equation. Traditionally, little has been said about the father's involvement in line with the Chinese tradition of men going out and women staying at home. A father's participation in the child's activities during the Children's Day holiday will be the best gift that a father can deliver to his child.

A survey of more than 1,000 homes jointly conducted by Beijing Normal University and World Organization for Early Childhood Education showed that less than 15 percent of fathers in the homes surveyed take a major role in the child's upbringing. Another survey undertaken in Beijing of fathers with children aged three to six revealed that 80 percent of respondents spent little or no time with their children and 80 percent of respondents said they never attend parent-teacher meetings. The survey demonstrates that the lack of a father's involvement is commonplace in home education across China.

For these reasons, Hong Fang, General Manager of Frog Prince (China) Daily Chemicals, Li Qiming, deputy secretary general of China National Committee for the Wellbeing of the Youth, Wen Yongchun, director of the home education guidance center at the Community College of Chaoyang District in Beijing, and other attendees put forward a proposal during the Beijing lecture event that would give fathers a half-day holiday during Children's Day so that they could spend quality time with their children on that important day.

Frog Prince dedicated to the healthy development of children aged 3 to 12

Frog Prince has been committed to public service for many years, Hong Fang said at the event. Since its inception, Frog Prince has been dedicated to the dermatological and mental health of children aged 3 to 12 for two decades by working to promote pediatric skin care and mental health. The company's public service lecture series has opened up the potential for the creation and implementation of public service brands by skin care providers.

The series serves a public service need with significant social benefits. Three years of effort, a presence in eight cities, thousands of on-site attendees to the lectures, approximately 1,000 instances of media coverage by TV and radio stations as well as newspapers and online media outlets make the series one of the most influential children education platforms in China. The series helps parents better know how to educate their children and provide a better model for their healthy development.

Frog Prince will launch more public service campaigns in 2014. In addition to the on-site public service lecture held in Beijing, the company will invite more child education experts to tape a video session and promote the videos online, providing parents with more knowledge on child education without the need to attend the lecture series in person.

"Failing to educate the child is the fault of the father" is an old saying in China. Increased public awareness of a father's involvement in home education facilitates social development in China. Awareness is just the first step, and it is vital to think about the changes and to take actions. Children are key to China's future. The lecture series jointly held by Frog Prince and Blue Bird Seed is merely the tip of the iceberg in terms of social education. Frog Prince aims to bring child education in China to a new level and, through the series, give China's children the opportunity to have a happier and more fruitful experience as they grow from child to man.  

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