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Thomson Reuters ONENovember 28, 2013

BrickFTP(TM), a cloud-based FTP Server, is dramatically decreasing their pricing structure for over 13,000 existing customers, as well as new customers that want the very best in security and ease-of-use.

Las Vegas, USA - November 27th, 2013 /MarketersMedia/ -- BrickFTP&reade; is a cloud-based FTP Server that helps everyone from individuals to corporations share files both within their company, and publicly with their clients or vendors.

Today, BrickFTP is announcing a new, more competitive, pricing scheme to better help businesses of any size use their world-class service. Their cost per gigabyte stored is now only $0.50.

When a company needs to share and distribute documents, photos and other files between their different departments, they often face the challenge of making sure those resources are only seen by specific people, but no one else. For example, that company wouldn`t want one of their clients logging in and seeing the stored invoices for another client. The most basic form of this premise is called `permissions`, and is offered by most FTP Server providers. BrickFTP(TM), however, takes this concept of permissions and extends it to the enterprise level, offering a much more robust environment.

Since the establishment of BrickFTP in 2009, their customer base has grown rapidly to include many different verticals and markets. Everything from medical to accounting, graphic design to plumbing, BrickFTP has worked with a diverse group of markets, and has first-hand experience in dealing with the challenges that each one presents. Ultimately, this has allowed them develop a lot of out-of-the-box features that their competitors simply don`t have. The following examples are a few ways in which different industries take advantage of BrickFTP:

Medical industry customers require the top-tier security and privacy features of BrickFTP, including but not limited to HIPAA compliance, granular permissions on users and groups, enforced SSL, comprehensive audit logging, military-grade AES encryption, restricted file types, white-list IP access, expiring share links, and files that automatically delete after a given time period.

Creative agencies take advantage of BrickFTP`s advanced sharing capabilities which allow their company to efficiently distribute proofs, mockups, and completed designs among their clients. By generating an optionally-expirable share link with just the click of a mouse, they can keep productivity high, spending more time designing and less time managing communication. When the client receives the shared `bundle`, they can even pick-and-choose images to preview without having to download the entire zip file first.

Audio transcription agencies efficiently leverage BrickFTP`s advanced notification features, which allow them to receive instant emails the moment a file is uploaded or modified - reducing time spent going back and forth with `was that sent yet?` emails, and more time spent doing what needs to be done. BrickFTP also offers an anonymous `drop box` that lets clients upload files without signing up for an account. This will let them upload files quicker than if they were required to sign up, and they also will not be able to view the current files that have already been uploaded by other anonymous users.

Video production companies love BrickFTP`s ability to handle large file sizes, even files that are several GB in size. In fact, BrickFTP has customers that store several TB of data in their account.

Architecture agencies really take advantage of the full branding capabilities that are offered. BrickFTP offers what`s called `white-label branding`, which means no traces of the original BrickFTP branding are anywhere in the interface. With some clever page styling, and when used in conjunction with a custom domain (such as, their customers think they are using proprietary software custom tailored to them, and not a 3rd party service! Complete custom CSS and Javascript control allows administrators to change the look and feel of the web interface from top to bottom, in order to 100% match their website.

Sign up for BrickFTP(TM) to get started with a Free 30-day trial. It doesn`t require a credit card, and takes less than 3 minutes to sign up.

About BrickFTP(TM):
BrickFTP(TM) is a service of Action Verb, LLC, located in Las Vegas, NV. Security, fine-grained permissions, anonymous uploading, cross-device compatibility, custom branding, and comprehensive audit logging are all very important aspects to consider when choosing a file server. BrickFTP(TM) supports all these features and more, and is trusted by over 13,000 users throughout the world.

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Name: Travis S
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