Fuel Performance Solutions, Inc.’s U.K. Sales Group Environmental Fuel Technology, Inc. Secures Another Customer

Blackpool Transport is the Latest Road Transport Operator to Purchase DiesoLiFT

DiesoLiFT’s Ability to Improve Fuel Efficiency, Reduce Emissions and Clean Fuel System Drive Sale

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Fuel Performance Solutions, Inc. (“FPS”) (formerly International Fuel Technology, Inc.) (IFUE) announced today that its U.K.-based sales group, Environmental Fuel Technology, Inc. (“EFT”) has secured another customer. Blackpool Transport is the latest road transport operator to purchase DiesoLiFT.

Blackpool (http://www.blackpooltransport.com/) is a 125 year old public transportation company operating 147 busses and 47 trams that service the Fylde and Blackpool and surrounding areas in the U.K. They are part of the 140-member ALBUM Group, the Association of Local Bus Company Managers in the U.K. (http://www.album-bus.co.uk/).

“The blueprint for success for U.K. road transport is in place,” said Martyn Lodge, EFT’s CEO. “The dedicated sales team at EFT, focused only on selling FPS products, combined with the logistical and aftermarket support of Unipart is generating new accounts and an ever increasing stream of commercial opportunities.”

“DiesoLiFT has provided us with a complete solution to maximize the efficiency and operating performance of our fuel and fuel delivery system,” said Bill Fallon, Blackpool’s Engineering Manager (Bus). “Plus, increased fuel economy means burning less fuel which results in less harmful emissions and a reduction in our carbon footprint which is an important goal for us.”

“Blackpool is a progressive organization committed to finding new ways to more efficiently operate their fleet and reduce its impact on the environment,” said Paul Widdowson, EFT’s Sales Director. “Bill is forward-looking and it has been a pleasure working with him throughout this process.”

“In addition to the immediate and lasting benefits of improved fuel economy and operating performance, continued use of DiesoLiFT will keep fuel tanks and the entire fuel system clean, co-solve free amounts of water and eliminate microbial contamination and sludge,” said Axel Farhi, FPS’s Director of Global Business Development. “Combined with the above, the inherent lubricity of DiesoLiFT will result in a reduction in fuel injector fouling and extend the interval between fuel filter changes. In the aggregate, consistent use of DiesoLiFT will reduce maintenance expenditures and keep engines operating at optimal efficiency.”

Mr. Widdowson added, “Blackpool is one of the larger and leading members of ALBUM. Having Blackpool as a customer has already opened doors to discuss DiesoLiFT usage with other ALBUM members.”

The level of commercial activity for FPS has ramped up in 2014. In addition to the numerous new road transport accounts brought on board in 2014, FPS expects to begin selling DiesoLiFT to both passenger and freight rail operators in 2014 as well.

About Fuel Performance Solutions, Inc.

Fuel Performance Solutions is a company focused on providing its technology to large, industrial consumers of diesel fuel and bio-diesel fuel blends in the rail, stationary power generation and road transport industries.

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Further information on DiesoLiFT and the PerfoLiFT BD-Series may be found at FPS’s website at: www.internationalfuel.com.

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