How to Gain Financial Success Quickly

Maitland Greer
November 1, 2013



Sorry to disappoint you, but there is unfortunately no guaranteed way to get rich quickly. Luckily, there are ways that you can quickly improve your finances to be well on the pathway to financial success.

Save and budget.

Forget trying to win the lotto — cutting down on your expenses is a quick and realistic way to amass money. Start by creating a budget and setting savings goals. Track all of your money that comes in and everything that goes back out by category. Set your budget by adjusting each category to an amount you are comfortable with and that adds up to leave you savings at the end of the month. Be sure you check in on yourself month by month to ensure you are sticking to your budget.

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Cut down on your spending by curbing your shopping habit, avoiding small purchases that can add up like Starbucks and try cooking instead of eating out all of the time.

Boost your career.

Maybe you can’t get rich quickly, but wouldn’t it be great if you could make more money at work? If you are smart about your career trajectory, you can. Talking to your boss about a raise or promotion is a difficult conversation, but remember that if you don’t ask, you can’t expect anything to happen.

Think back on your accomplishments and be prepared to share with your superiors why you think you deserve a raise. Make sure you have ongoing career development conversations to express your interest in getting to the next level of the corporate ladder. Try to engage your boss in an honest dialogue about what goals and benchmarks you should work to achieve to reach a promotion.

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Make extra cash.

Check your house for buried treasure you could sell — you never know what you could uncover. Your baseball card collection, family antiques, old toys and more could be expensive collectors items.

Clean out your house and host a garage sale to make money off of the things you don’t use anymore. Consigning clothing and accessories is also a great way to earn cash from what you have. Look for a local consignment store in town or find a website that allows you to consign virtually. Remember, the higher the percentage cut you get to keep, the better it is for you.

Consider getting a side job, like bartending, babysitting or dog walking to make some extra cash in addition to your day job. 

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Start a business.

Starting a business is a high-risk way to earn money, but with hard work it can be a viable option along the pathway to financial success. Although it’s not necessarily a “quick” way to earn cash, having a successful business could lead to greater rewards. Start with a solid business plan that outlines the idea, market, competition, sales and marketing tactics, structure, organization and finances. You can invest in the company yourself or go out and find investors. Of course, be sure that you do your homework and know what you are doing before you launch your business.

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