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A condominium offers a different living experience from a house. Usually, you don’t have to worry about cutting the grass or shoveling the front walk. Insurance is another area where condos and homes differ considerably, and GEICO offers condo owners some important condo insurance tips to help them sort out the differences.

“Many condo owners make the assumption that since their condo association has insurance, they are fully covered,” said John Zinno, president of GEICO Insurance Agency. “Condo association insurance only covers the condominium building, commonly owned property and liability protection.”

If a break-in occurs or there is water damage to your living room walls or someone injures themselves slipping on your wet kitchen floor, the condo owner bears full responsibility.

Condo insurance on the other hand, provides coverage beyond a basic condo association insurance policy. It protects the condo owner against damage or loss, bodily injury liability and property damage to others and provides coverage protection from windstorms, fire and lightening, theft or break-in, smoke and vandalism.

“Condo insurance is designed specifically to protect condo owners from assuming risks that are not covered by their condo association,” said Zinno.

Zinno recommends that owners review exactly what’s covered under the association's master insurance policy and also take inventory of their items. “Condo owners should have a complete estimate of the value of their personal property.”

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