Germany probes half-naked man aboard Merkel jet

Germany probes half-naked man aboard Merkel jet

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Germany is probing how a man, high on drugs and wearing only underpants, was able to board German Chancellor Angela Merkel's government jet.

The man, clutching a bag full of marijuana and ecstasy pills, danced on a wing, sprayed extinguisher foam around the plane and pushed buttons in the cockpit before finally arrested by police, according to a report by Spiegel Online.

The incident occurred on July 25 but is generating renewed attention after German newspapers published a police report on the incident.

Spiegel said the intruder is thought to be a bodybuilder of Turkish descent who had had a row with his girlfriend before climbing over the airport's security fence and entering the plane through an open cockpit door.

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The plane was parked at a closed military section of Cologne airport.

Newspaper reports said it took four hours for the police, private security guards and members of the Bundeswehr army to get the intruder off the plane. It wasn't until a police dog bit the man on the leg that the police were able to arrest him.

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While the one-man party was happening, Merkel was hundreds of kilometers away, watching the opera "The Flying Dutchman" at a festival in Bavaria.

For more on this story, read the original article on Spiegel Online.

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