GfK’s Sheehan to Speak about Buying Power of “Full Spectrum Moms”

Leader of Consumer Trends team will address Marketing to Moms conference today

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At today’s Marketing to Moms (M2Moms) conference in Chicago, Kathy Sheehan will use the latest GfK trend insights to help marketers understand the needs and goals of today’s “full-spectrum Mom.”

Sheehan, Executive Vice President and General Manager of GfK’s Consumer Trends team, will draw on the company’s Roper Reports® and other insight sources to provide a full picture of today’s mothers, who take on many roles and defy categorization.

“The word ‘mom’ tends to be preceded by some type of qualifying adjective: ‘working’ mom, ‘single’ mom, ‘stay-at-home’ mom,” said Sheehan. “Today’s mothers are more diverse than ever, reflecting a full spectrum of their needs in the marketplace and their expectation of brands. ‘Full Spectrum’ also applies to mothers as women themselves – engaged in a variety of activities, ‘mom’ being just one of many.”

For 40 years, GfK’s Roper Reports® series has annually interviewed more than 11,000 Americans – more than a third of which are mothers – to understand emerging marketplace trends, brand positioning and products and services for profitable growth. Sheehan’s presentation will cover mothers’ interests and obligations, their implications for the marketplace, and how marketers can respond.

“Mothers rule the marketplace – online or brick-and-mortar – and have a significant impact on most companies’ market share,” said Sheehan. “With Roper Reports insights, we can review different segments that today make up the ‘Moms’ market. It will help marketers understand and respond to the diverse needs and opportunities that this Full Spectrum represents.”

Sheehan holds a BA in Political Science and English from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. She also has an MA in Political Science and Economics from New York University, and an M.B.A. in International Business and Marketing from the City University of New York-Baruch College – Zicklin School of Business.

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