Gilead Sciences' Management Presents at 2013 Morgan Stanley Global Healthcare Conference - (Transcript)

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Gilead Sciences, Inc. (GILD) 2013 Morgan Stanley Global Healthcare Conference - (Transcript) September 9, 2013 11:10 AM ET


Patrick O'Brien - Vice President IR

John Milligan - President and COO


Dave Friedman - Morgan Stanley

Dave Friedman - Morgan Stanley

Alright, thanks everyone for joining us here and Dave Friedman, our tech analyst and joined our stage here with the team from Gilead Sciences. On the far side, Patrick O'Brien, Vice President of Investor Relations and on the near side here, John Milligan, President and Chief Operating Officer. So thanks both for joining us and maybe for the one person here who hasn’t heard of you guys, if you can just give a very brief overview of the company and then we will dive right into questions.

John Milligan

That's a 25-minute question. So first of all, Dave, thank you for having us here. It's always a pleasure to be back in New York. What a great audience here today. Good turnout, I really appreciate that. So Gilead Sciences, we are the largest provider of HIV medications. My suspicion is that this will be last we will talk about HIV during the course of this presentation where we continue to have good product launches and continue to expand our franchise of HIV products.

And as we said on a most recent conference call, we have had seen, we have seen significant growth in our single-tablet regimen franchise including most recent launches of Stribild and now two years ago the launch of Complera in fact for the first six months of this year, we had over $0.5 billion in sales of Complera and Stribild alone. So you can see that an increasingly important part of our franchise and I think a big growth potential for the future of our franchise in HIV.

Obviously secondly, we're focused on bringing products to market and liver diseases including hepatitis B, and our ongoing products and clinical studies and under review for hepatitis C and I am sure we'll talk about that quite a bit.

And overall it's become a very balanced company as we're starting to have significant growth opportunities in hepatitis C and also in our respiratory and cardiovascular franchises where we’re on track to do over $1 billion in revenue this year alone. So it’s a very strong franchise, very strong growth opportunity for the company as well.

So that's to be my two minutes and 30 second introduction and I pass it over to you.

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