Glance: A look at Italy's economy

Glance: A look at the key facts and figures in the Italian economy

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Italy's inconclusive election has rattled markets and raised the fear that Europe's crisis over too much government debt could flare again after several months of calm.

Here's a look at the key facts of Italy's economy now and when Mario Monti, the outgoing prime minister, came to power in November 2011.

Key facts: November 2011; Now

Population: 60.6 million; 60.8 million(asterisk)

Gross Domestic Product: 1.55 trillion euros; 1.55 trillion euros(asterisk)

Government Deficit: 3.9 percent; 1.8 percent(asterisk)(asterisk)

Debt to GDP ratio: 119 percent; 127 percent(asterisk)(asterisk)

Unemployment: 9.5 percent; 11.2 percent

Stock prices (closing FTSE MIB index): 15,664; 15,552

10-year bond interest rate: 7.09; 4.83

(asterisk)2012 (asterisk)(asterisk)Q3 2012

Sources: Eurostat/Factset

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