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The first ever Google Glass reality show, “Glasslandia” will premiere on October 16, 2013 on YouTube at 7:00 p.m. The show will follow the real life story of Hilary JM Topper, President and CEO of HJMT Public Relations Inc. and one of the 8,000 chosen to beta test Google Glass as a Google Explorer.

“By wearing Glass, I’m able to show viewers a new perspective. They will watch my life unfold literally through my eyes,” says Topper.

Through Glass, Topper invites the public to take a sneak peek into her life, including her business, family, hobbies, and more. Six original episodes will air weekly starting October 16th every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. via the YouTube Channel, HJMTPR. Watch Topper scramble as her life takes unexpected twists and turns and see how she navigates her way through the drama of being a small business owner.

Eight thousand consumers were selected to be Explorers in the Google Glass program. In order to be chosen, Google asked their community to tweet out what they would do if they had glass via Twitter using the hashtag, #ifihadglass. Topper was chosen based off her winning tweet, “I want my #GoogleGlass more than my MTV!”

Topper adds, “Glass opens up the door to so many possibilities for marketers and brands. More importantly, Glass is a glimpse into the future of how ‘ordinary’ people will communicate. This wearable tech is the next step in Internet and social interaction. I’m excited to show the public firsthand through ‘Glasslandia’ how Glass can be used and integrated into everyday life.”

Topper, MPA is a leader in the public relations and social media industry with over 30 years of experience. Topper wrote, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Social Media, but were afraid to ask...Building Your Business Using Consumer Generated Media. Her blog called, receives more than 50,000 unique visitors each month. Topper also hosts a show, Hilary Topper on Air. She founded the Social Media Association, which currently hosts the largest membership of bloggers, reporters and social media enthusiasts on Long Island. Topper recently launched two more successful blogs – and

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