GM executive defends company on Facebook, then closes account


DETROIT, Nov 4 (Reuters) - A top General Motors executivedeactivated his Facebook account on Monday after he responded toa website that wrote dismissively about the company's shrinkingU.S. auto market share.

Mark Reuss, president of GM's North American operations,responded to an article on the automotive

Greg Martin, a GM spokesman, said, "Mark made a personaldecision to deactivate his account and it was in no way relatedto any recent posts."

Reuss' Facebook response was captured by a Wall StreetJournal reporters' blog before the account was deactivated. Theblog reported the deactivation of the account earlier on Monday.

Reuss said in his Facebook post that GM now sells morevehicles with four brands in the U.S. market than it did withthe eight brands it had when it entered bankruptcy in 2009.

The article on TheDetroitBureau cited a recent U.S. GeneralAccounting Office report that showed GM's market share haddropped since 2008, the year before its bankruptcy.

GM's U.S. market share in the first nine months of 2013 was18 percent, compared with 17.9 percent for 2012 and 22.2 percentin 2008, according to industry research firm Autodata Corp.

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