GoHome.com.hk Partners with SINA HK to Launch New One-Stop Property Channel

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Industry Giants Combine Strengths to Create Powerful Property Information Platform in Response to Rapidly Growing Market Demand

HONG KONG, May 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- As public interest in property reaches new heights, property-related news has become the top searched item online. Amidst significant growth in social and economic cooperation between Mainland China and Hong Kong, interaction between members of the two communities in the areas of living, logistics, consumer products and investment has strengthened. Cross-border property investment in particular has experienced a remarkable surge, leading to mounting demand for property information.

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To address and respond to this market need, GoHome.com.hk, Hong Kong's No.1 online property platform, today announced that it is joining hands with SINA HK, the territory's leading online media, to launch a new one-stop property channel. Sina X GoHome.com.hk combines the industry expertise and reliable, up-to-the-minute information of GoHome.com.hk with Sina HK's extensive and unrivalled reach across the Greater China Region to deliver accurate market news to a wider array of users while enhancing the online property search experience.

Joining hands to tap into opportunities presented by closer Hong Kong-Mainland China economic relationships

As economic cooperative activities between Mainland China and Hong Kong increase, the flow of people and capital has become faster and simpler, and is expected to trigger interests for cross-border investments amongst members of both communities.

Many prefer property amongst all investment options, as most Chinese, from Hong Kong, Macau and the Mainland alike, believe in the long-standing conventional wisdom that "real estate is a hedge against inflation". Property is also generally considered as one of the best long-term investments with high returns. As such, demand for professional and comprehensive real estate information continues to grow amongst investors and buyers, driven by strong property market sentiment. Gohome.com.hk provides real-time, reliable and high quality real estate information, while Sina HK boasts the largest user base in the Greater China region. By leveraging their respective strengths and resources, the two industry leaders achieve a win-win situation.

Ubiquitous internet access has popularized online searches of property information

Internet access has become ubiquitous in today's digital world. The retrieval of property information online has become extremely common as the usage of portable electronic communication devices, such as smartphones and tablets, continues to grow. In response to this trend, GoHome.com.hk is collaborating with SINA HK to launch a new online real estate channel for users to access market news anywhere and at anytime. To cope with the huge diversity of internet platforms and device models, the new channel will utilize responsive design to optimize the search experience, whether users are on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Mr. Chui Sze Wai, Deputy Manager of SINA Hong Kong Limited, said, "In today's digital environment, people turns to the internet for information on a wide variety of subjects. Of these, real estate is one of the top searched topics. SINA HK is delighted to work with GoHome.com.hk, who brings to the partnership a proven 15-year expertise in property search and related services. The new Sina X GoHome.com.hk channel will provide the latest and best quality content and services. Sina HK currently has a user base of over 4.3 million, with 67 million page views every month. To promote awareness of the new channel, we, together with GoHome.com.hk, will launch promotion initiatives at the SINA website, SINA Weibo, GoHome website and GoHome database to attract viewings from the users of both partners, while reaching out to other internet users. Supported by Sina HK's vast network coverage and the expertise of GoHome.com.hk, Sina X GoHome.com.hk will be the most comprehensive and popular real estate channel in the Greater China Region."

Ms. Catherine So, Regional Manager of GoHome.com.hk said, "As the No.1 online property platform in the territory, GoHome.com.hk covers over 120,000 properties and boasts the highest viewing figures of similar portals, with 10 million page views every month. We are pleased to join hands with SINA HK, the preeminent online media and information service provider in the Greater China Region, which brings to the table unrivalled penetration and coverage across Hong Kong and the Mainland. Together, we will deliver immediate access to valuable property information to millions of real estate buyers in both markets, while consolidating our respective positions as industry leaders."

Ms. So continued, "Users will enjoy a broad range of information and resources on the new channel, including first and second hand real estate listings, up-to-the-minute instantaneous property news, professional market insights, real-time property transactions and more. Featuring a cutting edge design, the new channel is built using responsive web design to automatically fit screens of any size to optimize the viewing experience. We will closely monitor the preference and feedback of our users to ensure we always offer a professional one-stop, real-time real estate portal that meets their needs and expectations."

To access the new Sina X GoHome.com.hk property portal, please click the link below:


About GoHome.com.hk

GoHome.com.hk is Hong Kong's No. 1 online property platform, with a market-leading presence among HK property buyers and real estate professionals. Established in Hong Kong in 1999, GoHome.com.hk focuses on providing value-added property searches and related information and services for 15 years. It has built a strong and sustainable business backed by unmatched Hong Kong local intelligence. The website outperforms other local real estate portals with the highest traffic, user and listing figures, making it the most popular property portal for home buyers in Hong Kong and the most effective online advertising platform for real estate and related businesses. GoHome.com.hk was named Marketing Magazine's "Property Portal of the Year" in 2011, 2012 and 2013 and was awarded "Best Property Developer Partner- Most Comprehensive Property Website" by the Capital Magazine. The leading property platform is part of the iProperty Group (IPP.AX) which owns Asia's no. 1 network of property websites under the iProperty.com umbrella brand.

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SINA.com.HK is one of the biggest portals in Hong Kong, providing online media and value added infotainment services for the local community. By integrating information from HK, mainland China, Taiwan and US, SINA HK delivers comprehensive and up-to-date Chinese-language contents to our users, including news, finance, entertainment, sports, digital, eLadies and leisure. SINA HK also provides homemade video programmes to enhance the growth of multi-media content, plus social networking services such as Weibo (microblog), Blog and Forum to build strong online communities.

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