Google CEO discloses vocal cord problem

Google CEO Larry Page explains health issues that caused him to lose voice, says he is fine

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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Google CEO Larry Page is finally disclosing the health problem that spooked investors last summer when he mysteriously lost his voice.

In a Tuesday post on his Google Plus profile, Page says he is afflicted with a paralyzed left vocal cord and a severely restricted right vocal cord. He traced the trouble to a bad cold that he got 14 years ago, paralyzing the left vocal cord. That issue was compounded last summer with another cold that Page says impaired his right vocal cord, though it still has limited movement.

Unable to speak temporarily, Page missed two key company events last summer. That raised concerns about Page's ability to run Google.

Page, who is 40, says he's able to handle all his duties, though his voice remains soft and raspy.


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