Google Glass May Eventually Be Able To Control Your Garage Door, Refrigerator, And Other Home Appliances

Business Insider

Google recently applied for a patent that would enable a wearable computer with a head-mounted display (like Glass) to control physical objects like refrigerators, espresso machines, and garage doors.

Engadget's Mat Smith first uncovered the patent.

The patent describes how with the help of sensors, RFID, Bluetooth, and QR codes, the wearable computer could detect everyday objects and project an augmented reality user interface onto them. 

"In response to identifying the garage door and determining that it is in a closed state, the wearable computing device may display a virtual control interface that is superimposed over the garage door," the patent states.

The patent highlights a few different possibilities for interacting with the virtual control interface, such as head motions, hand gestures, and voice commands.

Take a look below to see how Google envisions these interfaces.

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