GPRS: Are You Due a £7k Pay Rise? Work Based Learning Sector Sees Wage Hike as Employers Compete for Best Talent

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A new research reports shows significant changes in the training and learning industry, with salaries rising by an average of £2,100 in the past twelve months, and increases of as much as £7,000 per year for certain roles.

GPRS Recruitment has published their latest Salary & Benefits Survey. Now in its seventh edition, the document examines market conditions for training & learning professionals within the work based learning sector. This year, they predict the coming of a candidate-short marketplace, with employers competing vigorously to attract and retain the best talent.

The survey has historically proved to be both an accurate reflection of current markets, and also a predictor of impending change and movements. In 2009, for example, a widespread move away from learner enrolment by assessors in favour of the creation of BDM roles was predicted.

This year, there are a few surprises. In the past 12 months, the price of an experienced Assessor or Tutor within some industries has seen a dramatic and sudden jump. Managerial salaries have increased in line with the industry average - except for one particular job title – those employed in that specific role are now being paid an extra £6.5k. 1 in 3 people surveyed confirmed that they are aware other employers can offer them more money, and 1 in 4 said they are actively looking right now.

The survey itself is hot property. In previous years alongside thousands of downloads and printed distribution on request, GPRS has even fielded calls from their direct competitors, requesting copies of their data.

However, although the headline statistics are published today, the full report is made available first to existing clients of GPRS, giving them a deep level of insight and an opportunity to respond within their own businesses. With their current customers protected, the full report is published in its entirety during late August.

Addie Marks, Senior Market Sector Specialist at GPRS said: “The candidate-short marketplace is a direct result of the skills shortage that’s now kicking-in. It will adversely affect training providers who are reluctant to consider re-aligning salaries and benefits to retain the best talent.

“My advice to business leaders faced with this dilemma would be to consider the true costs involved in recruiting and training replacement staff, and compare how these numbers dwarf the prospect of increasing overheads in line with their competitors. Furthermore they may wish to engage with a specialist recruiter that has access to a wide reaching talent pool as a contingency plan.”

UK businesses interested in reserving a copy of GPRS Recruitment’s Salary & Benefit Survey should contact Emma Stallwood on 0845 862 6272


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