Is Graduate School for Cyber Security or Engineering Worth It?

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WASHINGTON, May 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The investment of time and money in obtaining a graduate degree is a huge decision.  Students agree that it better be relevant to your life and it better be worth it.

This takes us to Capitol College in Laurel, Maryland, which highlights its hands-on approach to education. Capitol prides itself on its success rate in preparing students for the rapidly evolving job market in fields such as technology, engineering and business. Talk to some of the folks who have completed their graduate studies at Capitol and they agree. They will also tell you one other thing.

"For the busy professional, you can't beat Capitol College."

Those words come from Warren Lerner who earned his DSc (Doctor of Science in Information Assurance) at Capitol while working full-time and supporting a family. Lerner, who served in combat in the first Gulf War and in Panama, credited Capitol faculty in helping him identify and pursue his dissertation, which focused on using Artificial Intelligence to predict where explosive devices would be placed.

Lerner strikes a familiar theme.

In a recent story on cyber security that explored how people and their habits matter in making sure that data remain secure, Mansur Hasib extolled the versatility of Capitol's doctoral program, which let him work and finish his studies at a faster pace than some other students.

"Unlike some graduate schools that view their doctoral programs as 'free labor' and do not encourage them to finish early, Capitol is sensitive to the professional and financial needs of its student body, "Hasib said.  "Capitol's program is built with the student in mind."

Capitol College has long understood that the times are changing in graduate studies and has tried to provide learning opportunities consistent with that change. As a result Capitol works to provide opportunities for both practical and scholarly pursuits.

"The traditional classroom experience is being replaced by the flexibility of the online classroom. We provide a learning environment that remains field relevant as it is supported by real life projects and case studies," said Dr. Helen Barker, Capitol's Dean of Business and Information Sciences.

When you read Capitol College's mission statement it becomes clear that their focus is on the student and the world. Talk to their graduates and you hear something else.

Mission accomplished.

Douglas Lynch

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