Great Panther Silver reports further disruptions at Guanajuato Mine Complex

Great Panther Silver provides an update on developments at its Guanajuato Mine Complex in Mexico. On March 9, at around 2:00 pm PDT, approximately 60 people gained unauthorized entry to the company's main administration building and plant facility in Guanajuato and continue to illegally occupy the facilities. All employees and contractors are safe and accounted for, and are off site. There have been no reports of any violence. Mining, plant and administration services have been shut down until the situation is resolved. The authorities have been notified but have not yet taken action. Robert Archer, president & CEO stated, "It appears that a few members of the mining cooperative who sold the mine to Great Panther in 2005, when they were facing bankruptcy, are behind this illegal occupation of our facilities. It is unknown at this time whether these members of the cooperative have been involved with recent activities of illegal miners. We will work with municipal, state and federal authorities to find a peaceful and expedient resolution to this situation, however, we are currently reviewing all options to regain custody of our facility and ensure the security of our operations and our people."

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