Greek policeman allegedly tries to attack lawmaker

Greek policeman suspended over alleged attack attempt on lawmaker over austerity program

Associated Press

ATHENS, Greece (AP) -- A policeman on a small Greek island on the Aegean Sea has been suspended for allegedly verbally abusing and trying to attack a visiting lawmaker over the country's harsh austerity program.

The alleged incident occurred Thursday inside the Karpathos police station, regional police spokesman Petros Vassilakis told the AP.

Conservative New Democracy lawmaker Manos Konsolas said the uniformed policeman swore at him "in very vulgar terms" and tried to hit him. Konsolas, who is from Karpathos, near Rhodes, had been visiting his constituency.

Vassilakis said Friday a formal investigation has been ordered into the junior policeman's behavior.

Debt-mired Greece has imposed repeated income cuts — including police and the military — and tax hikes to secure vital international bailouts. The cutbacks sparked a series of strikes and often violent protests.

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