GT Advanced files shelf registration statement

The shelf registration statement will register the resale of the 3,355,648 shares recently issued in connection with GT's acquisition of substantially all of the business of Thermal Technology and is designed to provide GT with flexibility to raise capital and take advantage of business opportunities if and when such opportunities arise, subject to market conditions and GT's capital requirements. If and when the shelf registration statement is declared effective, it will, in addition to allowing the security holders of Thermal Technology to sell the GT shares they received in the acquisition, permit GT, from time to time, to offer and sell up to $35.4M of common stock, preferred stock, debt securities, units comprised of any such securities, or any combination thereof in one or more future public offerings. The actual amount and type of securities and the terms of those securities will be determined at the time of sale, if such sale occurs. At the present time, the company has no specific use of proceeds or plans to offer any of the securities covered by the registration statement.

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