Happy National Kale Day! Here's Our Recipe For Delicious Crispy Kale Chips

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It's National Kale Day, a time to celebrate the leafy green vegetable that health nuts and amateur chefs have been going bonkers about

Kale is a "superfood," and part of the cabbage, Brussels sprouts and collard greens family. 

From kale salads to kale smoothies, there are a variety of ways to incorporate kale in your diet, and companies are catching on by marketing baked kale as a popular, healthy alternative to the ubiquitous American classic, the potato chip. 

Unfortunately, a 4 oz. box of prepared kale chips costs $6.99 on average.

We put a simple recipe for baked kale to the test, and made crispy kale chips for less than half the price of the commercial ones. Buy a bunch of kale for $2-$2.50, and follow the instructions below:

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