Home Buyers and Sellers Beware When Choosing to Rely Solely on Online Resources for Real Estate Needs

Realtors advise consumers to exercise caution when surfing real estate websites

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LUBBOCK, Texas, April 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- With all the information on the Internet, many feel they can become a virtual expert on just about anything – including buying or selling a home.

Since a realtor is going to get a percentage of the total selling price, you might want to keep that extra cash and try to sell on your own and find that perfect dream home by surfing real estate websites, right?

Not so fast, says Lubbock Association of REALTORS President Nancy Rawls.

"If you choose to forego a realtor, there are so many things you'll need to prepare for," she said. "For instance, you will need to stage your home, be available to show it at a moment's notice, prepare marketing materials for potential buyers, and negotiate an offer. Additionally, you must be prepared to be objective about your home and accept the criticism that potential buyers will give."

While websites can give some information on both the buying and selling side, Rawls added, those websites are no match for the accurate information that a realtor provides. And, if you list your home for the wrong price, you may miss out on valuable money – those dollars you think you're saving by not having a realtor in the first place.

"As realtors, we have a large list of contacts and a special listing service to get the word out about your home," she said. "Our entire careers are built around working with each individual to achieve the American dream of home ownership."

Just as doctors worry about patients who "self-diagnose" based on website information, so too do realtors when it comes to buyers and sellers looking for the best deal, Rawls said.

"Websites simply can never replace the real expert working directly for you," she said. "And, remember, just because you're choosing not to have a realtor does not mean your buyer isn't using one. The money you think you're saving can be lost when you have to negotiate against a trained professional."

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