Idaho Falls Chiropractor Jump Starts Weight Loss Program With New Website


IDAHO FALLS, ID--(Marketwire -03/25/12)- Supreme Natural Weight Loss in Idaho Falls announced that the practice has launched a new website for patients. The site contains free wellness and weight management information, and is designed to help patients manage obesity, high cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes. The website's weight loss blog incudes tips for staying on-target for weight loss goals, as well as information about customized diet plans including the Supreme Natural Diet. Interested individuals can access this free information at

Weight loss patients have a new online resource packed with accurate, reliable tips for losing weight and getting in shape. Idaho Falls chiropractor Dr. Todd Reese and fellow chiropractor Dr. Devin Scoresby announced that their practice, Supreme Natural Weight Loss, has launched a new website to better serve patients. The website features a wellness blog, information on the diet program, as well as tips for keeping off the pounds and battling obesity.

"Whether patients need assistance losing weight or maintaining a current weight, our new website is a great resource to help patients get healthy for life," said Dr. Reese. "There's a lot of misinformation on the Internet about dieting, obesity and losing weight. Many of these 'quick-fix' diets can ultimately hurt the body, depriving it of needed nutrients and slowing down the body's metabolism. Our goal with this website is to provide medically accurate information about nutrition for sustainable and healthy diets."

Individuals can also learn more about how to get started with the practice's weight and wellness program by visiting the "Supreme Natural Diet Overview" link on the website. The practice provides customized plans through the Ideal Protein Diet, a four-phase program that is medically designed to stabilize blood sugar levels, burn fat and build lean muscle mass.

The website also includes a special section with free healthy living recipes that patients can download. The recipes are part of the practice's commitment to helping patients optimize their overall well-being through proper nutrition and healthy diets. According to Idaho Falls chiropractor Dr. Scoresby, simple substitutions in favorite recipes can make a big difference for overall health.

"One of the biggest challenges our patients face is not only losing weight, but also maintaining this loss," said Dr. Scoresby. "This is one reason why we are so excited to launch our new website. Our weight loss blog posts regularly feature seasonally appropriate tips for reaching and maintaining a healthy weight throughout the year. Whether it's how to maintain a nutritional balance at a summer cookout or Thanksgiving meal, we also provide recipes for healthy alternatives to favorite meals. Patients can trust that the information on our website is accurate and will help them safely lose weight and maintain this loss throughout their lives."

Individuals who would like to learn more about the weight and nutrition programs available at the wellness center may attend an introductory class. This class is typically offered every second and fourth Wednesday at 6:15pm. Individuals can check the online "Event Calendar," located on the practice's website, for more information.

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