IFT Name Change to Fuel Performance Solutions, Inc. Effective Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Name Better Reflects Current and Future Nature of Business

CUSIP Number Change Effective Same Day

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International Fuel Technology, Inc. (IFT) (IFUE) announced today that FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Industry, has set a date of April 2, 2014 for the effective name change for IFT to become Fuel Performance Solutions, Inc. IFT’s stock transfer agent has also confirmed the date for the corporate name and CUSIP number change.

IFT decided to change its name in order to more accurately reflect and communicate to the public the current and future nature of the Company’s business.

Jonathan Burst, IFT’s CEO, said, “Our Company has moved beyond merely providing fuel additive products. We will spend more and more of our time offering end users solutions to better performing fuels.

“Scientific studies have proven that our products reduce maintenance costs and carbon emissions while increasing fuel efficiency. And these benefits are achieved without affecting fuel composition.

“Operating not just in the U.S. but also in the U.K., Continental Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, IFT has become much more than a fuel technology company. As Fuel Performance Solutions, Inc., we will commercialize the technology we developed as IFT, increasing our usefulness to our customers, boosting our revenues, and enhancing shareholder value.”

About International Fuel Technology

IFT is a fuel performance solutions company focused on providing its technology to large, industrial consumers of diesel fuel and bio-diesel fuel blends in the rail, stationary power generation and road transport industries.

Safe Harbor Statement

Some statements contained in this release may be forward-looking within the meaning of the safe harbor clause of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 including, but not limited to, statements as to commercialization of the Company's products and business development activities. Editors and investors are cautioned that such forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties that may cause the Company's actual results to differ materially from such forward-looking statements. These risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, the Company's ability to generate revenues and other factors as described in the Company's literature and filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Further information on DiesoLiFTTM and the PerfoLiFTTM BD-Series may be found at IFT’s website at: www.internationalfuel.com.

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