Infographic: Lack of savings consumers' biggest financial worry

To kick off Financial Literacy Month, the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) and the Network Branded Prepaid Card Association (NBPCA) released their annual Financial Literacy Survey .

The survey questioned 2,037 adults to gauge Americans' attitudes about personal finance. Although the percentage of Americans who say they pay bills on time and have no debts is up to 71 percent (from 64 percent in 2012), a strong majority (77 percent) say they still have financial worries.

The biggest worry is not having enough savings for emergencies or retirement, a worry more than half of Americans share. Meanwhile, 26 percent of Americans are apprehensive about not being able to meet their financial obligations, including debt. Credit is another source of worry -- about one in five Americans are anxious about their credit scores and lack of access to credit. Despite worrying about credit scores, the survey found that most consumers aren't doing much about it -- 65 percent failed to review their credit reports in the past year.

The graphic below shows the biggest financial worries on consumers' minds.

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