New Intelli-lock For Fridges That Helps Kick Bad Habits

August 21, 2013

New York, USA - August 21st, 2013 /MarketersMedia/ -- Eating habits have become complicated. People are either eating too much, eating the wrong things, or eating at all the wrong times (or all of the above). FatLock can limit access to the fridge and stop all the late night binging and unnecessary snacking. FatLock allows the user to set and control timers on the unit which lock and unlock the fridge at any given intervals. The body of the unit attaches to the side of the fridge and the locking-arm to the door of the fridge. The unit’s display and interface buttons allow users to easily change access times at will. The locking mechanism is chic enough not to detract from a kitchen’s ‘feng-shui’, but robust enough to stop even the most determined fridge-raiders.

“FatLock is one of the most effective ways I’ve been able to lose weight. At first I thought I would despise the lock, for taking away the things I love. But over the weeks, FatLock became my friend, it wasn’t depriving me of anything, it was reminding me of what I was trying to achieve, of why I was using it in the first place,” said Rita.

The FatLock team (NOLO) consists of several international designers and producers who have been working on techno-products for years. Each member plays a vital role in both the inception and the creation of the products. The company is based in Las Vegas, Nevada – but the team is from all over the world, including Germany, Ukraine, Russia, USA and New Zealand.

The guys at NOLO want FatLock to help people achieve their goals be they weight loss or simply healthier adjustments to their daily routines. The team is all using it, their friends are using it, some for weight loss, some just to stay and eat healthy – and everybody thinks it’s one of the most effective tools for correcting habitual eating and binging they have ever tried. For them, FatLock isn’t just a lock, it’s a tool that they hope can help people achieve what they want to achieve, and bring more success into people’s dieting regimes.

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Name: Steven Green
Organization: NOLO Inc
Phone: 17183079430
Address: 2360 Corporate Cir Ste 400 Henderson, NV 89074

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