International Monster Poll: Job Seekers Prefer Professional Fulfillment Over Cool Offices and Brands

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An international poll conducted by Monster reveals that “cool” brands and innovative office design are as not important factors to respondents when considering a new job. Respondents are most excited by the opportunity to work in an industry they are passionate about, or the opportunity to work with people they professionally admire.

Monster, the worldwide leader in successfully connecting job opportunities to people, asked visitors to their site the question, “Aside from salary, benefits and location, which of the following would most likely attract you to a new job?” and received over 2,400 responses. International findings included:

  • 61% of respondents answered “The opportunity to work in an industry I’m passionate about”
  • 17% of respondents answered “The opportunity to work with people I professionally admire”
  • 13% of respondents answered “A lively/energetic office environment”
  • 6% of respondents answered “The opportunity to work for an aspirational/‘cool’ brand”
  • 3% of respondents answered “An innovative office design”

Breaking down the numbers by region, North American respondents were the most excited by working with people they professionally admire: 21% selected this option, with most other regions averaging around 10%. Respondents from the United States were particularly disinterested in innovative office design, only 2% selected this option, compared to slightly higher interest from European countries such as France (5%) and the Netherlands (7%). European respondents also had elevated response rates favoring a lively work environment: 20% of French, Dutch and Italian respondents selected this option while only 11% of respondents from the Americas were concerned with their offices’ energy levels.

“Job seekers are naturally most concerned about salary, benefits and convenience to their home,” said Mary Ellen Slayter, Career Advice Expert for Monster. "But once that's settled, the intangibles come into play. People are craving ways to bring meaning to their work, and they want to work in an industry they feel passionate about. Employers can take an active role in supporting these positive feelings by helping people see the connection between the work they do and how it benefits others. No fancy office can replace that sense of satisfaction."

The results of the current Monster International Poll are based on votes cast by Monster visitors from: June 2-16, 2014. Only one vote per user is counted toward the final tabulation. The Monster International poll, a product of Monster, the premier global online employment solution and flagship brand of Monster Worldwide, Inc., is a series of online polls that gauge users’ opinions on a variety of topics relating to careers, the economy and the workplace. These polls are not scientific and reflect the opinions of only those Internet users who have chosen to participate.

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