Internet Marketing Company Cyberset Adapts to Google's New Algorithm, Hummingbird

As a leading internet marketing company in Greater Los Angeles, Cyberset constantly adapts to the ever-evolving state of the Internet to deliver the best possible service to its clients.

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LOS ANGELES, Oct. 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- As the search engine with more than two-thirds of the market share, no Internet marketing company can discount the power of Google, especially when new algorithms are announced. These algorithms refer to what Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines use to sort through the billions of websites on the Internet to return the best results to first page, if not the first search result. Given the name "Hummingbird," this new Google algorithm is supposed to be precise and fast, like its namesake. Los Angeles based company Cyberset has effectively brought clients the best Internet marketing services by previously adapting to past Google algorithms Panda and Penguin. Effective online marketing depends on adapting to Google algorithms to ensure that clients get the best search results for selected keywords and phrases. For Hummingbird, Cyberset is conforming to the new algorithm and continuing to ensure their clients stand out among the competition.

Internet marketing expert Omid Samadi of Cyberset says Hummingbird is all about delivering search results that reflect Internet users' experiences on websites. For instance, Hummingbird tracks how long Google users are on a particular website, whether they visit various pages on the website or, alternatively, simply leave after a quick glance. That's why rich, compelling content and eye-catching web design is crucial to Internet marketing companies and especially to the success of their clients, said Samadi.

"The original Google algorithm was mainly based on the PageRank when it was made in the 1990s," said Samadi, referring to the way Google determines relative importance of websites by assigning numerical weighting to measure their relative importance, solely based on website's inbound links. "Now, the atmosphere of the Web has changed, and social media is far more important than it used to be, and of course in the 1990s, it didn't even exist yet. Today, social media covers more aspects of life than just chatting with friends; it also covers brand exposure."

Previous algorithm updates code-named Panda and Penguin, despite their massive impact on the industry didn't make big changes to the core of the algorithm designed in late 90s. They were updates to help the original algorithm work better by catching instances of over-optimization both on-page and off-page. On the other hand, the new Hummingbird algorithm was designed to adapt to the changing atmosphere of the Internet. As a white hat marketing company, Cyberset does not attempt to cheat the algorithm to deliver higher search results for its clients. Instead, they deliver the best keyword research, SEO, pay-per-click services, mobile marketing and social media management, and more to help businesses of any size gain increased visibility online. After all, while twenty years ago it was enough to browse through the Yellow Pages to find a business or service, today buyers are much savvier about what a company offers, their reputation and pricing before they even engage with them.

Cyberset maintains its success by constantly refining its methods to keep pace with the rapidly evolving state of the Internet, as it has done with the Hummingbird algorithm. Cyberset has a consistently growing pool of satisfied clients and new partners who come to the Los Angeles Internet marketing company looking for services that run the gamut from IT management up to a full site redesign and marketing campaign, Cyberset's clients are quite diverse, including small "mom and pop" retail stores to mid-sized law firms and large physician networks.

For further information about how Cyberset can help your business and expand its online marketing reach, contact the company for a FREE consultation at (800) 601-5053. Meetings are available at the Woodland Hills office, by phone, or through Skype. Visit the Cyberset site online to request a quote at

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