Introducing iSave v10, the UK's Cheapest Gas and Electricity Deal


LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire -03/28/12)- With a 13% dual fuel discount and an average bill of just GBP 1,027, the new iSave dual fuel tariff from First Utility has been confirmed as the cheapest in Britain.

Writing in The Sunday Times(i), journalist Ali Hussain said: "First Utility has been the cheapest provider since October last year. Last week it launched iSave v10, the cheapest dual-fuel deal, at GBP 1,027 (...) by switching to the online monthly direct-debit deal, you can save GBP 224 a year."

The news caps an impressive few months for First Utility, which was also featured in the prestigious 2011 Virgin Fast Track 100 at the tail end of 2011.

"Making the Fast Track 100 is a real achievement for First Utility," commented First Utility co-founder Darren Braham. "We have worked hard to establish ourselves as the UK's leading independent energy supplier in a competitive market and during difficult economic times. To rank amongst the UK's top 25 fastest growing companies is a reflection on the success of our company over the last few years and the appetite for change in the UK's energy sector."

First Utility recently announced a new partnership with US smartgrid company OPower, and joins the likes of Innocent Drinks, Carphone Warehouse and Ella's Kitchen as Fast Track 100 success stories.

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About First Utility

First Utility is the smarter independent utilities supplier, offering electricity and gas services to a range of consumer and business customers. It is the only energy provider to roll out smart meters to all its customers, throughout the UK. It is through the use of smart metering technology that First Utility can empower consumers to manage and reduce their own energy consumption and bills. First Utility is headquartered in Warwick.

(i)The GBP 224 saving quoted for First Utility's iSave v10 dual fuel tariff was published in The Sunday Times with the statement;

"Switching to First Utility's iSave v10 scheme, an online-only, monthly direct-debit deal costing GBP 1027 (on average) annually, you save GBP 224 a year ..." (Hussain, 2012, p.4d).

Hussain, A, 2012. How To Beat The Income Squeeze. The Sunday Times (Money Supplement), Sunday 18 March, p.4d.

On the topic of First Utility's iSave v10 dual fuel tariff being the cheapest The Sunday Times has stated;

"First Utility has been the cheapest provider since October last year. Last week it launched iSave v10, the cheapest dual-fuel deal, at GBP 1027 ..." (Hussain, 2012, p.5b).

Hussain, A, 2012. Consumers Urged to Take Power Away from the Big Six. The Sunday Times (Money Supplement), Sunday 19 February, p.5b.

Electricity and gas prices vary by region. GBP 1,027 is the average annual bill across all regions of the UK, inclusive of dual fuel discount at 13% (capped at GBP 80 for Electricity & GBP 100 for Gas inc VAT) and based on average energy consumption per year of 3,300 kWh for electricity & 16,500 kWh for gas.


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