Jaguar Project 7 Motorcycle Concept is Stunningly Beautiful

Bold Ride

At this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, Jaguar brought along one of the most stunning concepts we’ve seen to date: the Project 7. Immediately, it drew a crowd with its attention to detail and sophisticated nod to classic British racing. But what if said concept was even more extreme, maybe in the form of a motorcycle?

That’s where Hungarian designer Tamas Jakus of Jakusa Design comes in, transforming four wheels into two, in the form of the Jaguar Project 7MC Concept. Like the four-wheeled roadster from which it’s derived, the 7MC sports a polarizing blue paint scheme and a classic “7″ moniker.


What powers this blue beauty wasn’t given by Jakus — of course, this is just a artistic visualization of what could be. But we do know this: that bike placed alongside the Concept 7 would be one heluva tag team.

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