JC Penney to get $1.75B in financing, shares rise

JC Penney reaches deal with Goldman Sachs for $1.75B loan, shares rise in premarket

Associated Press

PLANO, Texas (AP) -- J.C. Penney is confirming that Goldman Sachs will provide it with $1.75 billion in financing, sending shares up 3 percent in early trading.

Rumors about the financing had begun to circulate Friday.

The five-year senior secured term loan can be used to fund the company's operations as well as pay off some of its debt. It will be secured by real estate, as well as an interest the company's other assets and some of its subsidiaries.

The company has been burning through cash. Earlier this month, it said it would draw $850 million from its $1.85 billion revolving credit line.

J.C. Penney Corp., based in Plano, Texas, fired CEO Ron Johnson this month after his ambitious turnaround plan backfired and caused sales to plummet.

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