Joberator LLC Announces The Launch of A High-Opportunity Skilled Labor Employment Platform that Boasts Patent Pending Search, Matching, and Ranking Technology

New Innovation that is Bridging the Skilled Labor Shortage Connection-Gap. Faster.
Launched to disrupt, improve, and accelerate the slow, time-consuming, and one-dimensional traditional job search and recruitment process, is a unique platform geared towards solving some of the most challenging problems in today's skilled employment market. This site is designed to quickly match and connect skilled professionals with businesses ranging from StartUps to Fortune 500's who are all suffering from skills shortages.

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LOS ANGELES, May 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- is an advanced technology high-opportunity employment platform that leverages the power of proprietary dual-level Big Data systems and Opportunity Indicators integrated with a multi-functional enterprise system. It seamlessly integrates search analysis, matching and high opportunity ranking based on both skilled labor shortage businesses plus real-time job market intelligence.

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Years of ongoing research, analysis, and development have gone into transforming Joberators' technology into the fully Patent Pending platform that generates better career opportunities, saves time spent searching, and offers an accelerated search-to-hired experience. This is accomplished through the company's proprietary systems that harness and leverage the massive amount of skilled shortage employment market data to accurately and quickly provide valuable insights and actionable intelligence.

Joberator organizes and structures labor shortage market data into actionable insights. It harnesses the massive amount of data to provide advanced market intelligence and creates better employment opportunities via the most accurate search, analysis, matching, and ranking platform.

Speaking about their focus areas and the primary goals of their site that reverses the traditional site-centric funnel, CEO of Joberator, Steve McLean said, "We are actively correcting the growing problem of skills shortages by helping U.S. businesses find the talent that will enable them to remain competitive and advance quicker in today's highly dynamic marketplace. By reverse engineering the pipeline, we match and connect professionals with the Country's businesses that desperately need them the most, and we also rank employers by skill set opportunity level. We hope to bridge the connection gap and growing divide as quickly as possible by creating better employment and hiring opportunities faster than ever before. Our world class team has developed advanced systems and a suite of innovative tools that significantly streamline and accelerate the search to hired process."

Joberator provides a unique solution; a simpler, faster and much more efficient and effective way to ensure that qualified professionals and graduates can find the country's high demand and skills shortage businesses, creating better opportunities for all.

More information about this platform that also offers streamlined recruitment efficiency and real-time speed and tracking features is available at  

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Joberator provides a better and faster way to help leading and growing businesses discover and retain the best skilled human capital available, which in return propels the careers of talented professionals. They create advanced technology systems that organize the massive amount of unstructured employment data, coupled with real-time job market data intelligence, into high-opportunity skilled labor employment solutions.

Name: Steve McLean
Joberator LLC
Phone: 727 458 9811


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