JPMorgan to pay $100 mln in latest 'London Whale' fine


By Aruna Viswanatha

WASHINGTON, Oct 16 (Reuters) - The London Whale is the giftthat keeps giving for regulators.

JPMorgan Chase & Co has agreed to pay the latest ina string of fines for the disastrous trades and admitwrongdoing, this time in a settlement with the U.S. CommodityFutures Trading Commission.

The bank agreed to pay $100 million and admit its tradersacted recklessly, the CFTC said on Wednesday. The bank wasinstructed to send the funds to accounts receivable at theCFTC's division of enforcement.

The settlement follows one month after it paid $920 millionto four other U.S. and British regulators to resolve probes ofthe bank's $6.2 billion in derivative losses involving its chiefinvestment office.

The episode has proven to be one that just about everyregulator the bank deals with has wanted to investigate and levyfines.

The Justice Department, even after filing criminal chargesagainst two former JPMorgan traders who allegedly helped concealthe losses, is still investigating whether to bring any actionagainst the bank.

"We are pleased to be able to put behind us another aspectof the CIO (chief investment office) trading matter by theresolution of the CFTC investigation," JPMorgan spokesman JosephEvangelisti said.

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