L&L Moves Clean Energy Initiatives Forward, Appoints Strategic Advisor in Beijing

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SEATTLE, Oct. 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- L & L Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: "LLEN") ("L&L" or the "Company"), a U.S.-based company with profitable energy (coal) operations in China, announced today it has recruited Mr. David Wang as a Strategic Advisor to assist L&L's clean energy initiatives with the China Low Carbon Industry Investment Center in Beijing; a China State Council approved investment entity.

Mr. Wang is a partner of WeiMing Global Private Equity Co. which is supported by the Peking University's Market Economy Academy. The PE fund is focused on clean energy and environmental conservation opportunities under the China Economic Policy. Mr. Wang has substantial experience executing many large China national development projects and was formerly a director for one of China's state owned enterprises under the China National Science and Technology Commission. Mr. Wang graduated from Renmin University of China with major in Industrial Economics.

Dr. Syd Peng, L&L Director and Chairman of the Nominations Committee stated, "We are pleased to recruit David Wang to help start L&L's clean energy initiatives in Beijing. His strong technology background and relationships with the PE industry in Beijing will help L&L secure additional financial resources for growth and expand our network in this exciting new arena."

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