Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept Says “So Long” to Square

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Ladies and gentlemen, this is your next Land Rover Discovery. Well, at least its Land Rover’s optimistic vision of the next Discovery– aka, the LR4. The Land Rover Discovery Vision concept combines elements from the Range Rover Sport and Evoque, to create a compelling SUV, but also a swan song for certain beloved Land Rover hallmarks.

New York has always been a big deal for Land Rover launches. Just last year they trotted out Daniel Craig for mere seconds at the wheel of the new Range Rover Sport. This year, they brought their new Discovery Vision concept to the flight deck of the USS Intrepid Sea, Air and Space museum. The carrier-turned-museum made for a dramatic scene as the newest member of the Land Rover family was thrust upon the motoring press.

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Land Rover says this concept is, “A vision of Land Rover’s future family Discovery vehicles, the first model of which is due in 2015.” So we know that this concept is foretelling a future production model, but what does that entail?

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The Discovery Vision has clear Land Rover cues, like the clamshell hood and blacked out A- and D-pillars, but it takes styling in a new direction. The boxy upright LR4 will likely be replaced by a far smoother vehicle, which is sad, considering that was the hallmark of Land Rovers of the past. But with the tech on display in this concept, Land Rover is obviously more concerned with the future– and it has good reason.

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Some of the technologies built into this concept include smart glass that presents digital information on any part of the SUV’s greenhouse, gesture recognition to operate doors, seat-backs, screens and other systems, and a remote control system that allows the driver to operate the vehicle when not seated in it. That last one seems a bit ridiculous, but Land Rover says it would be at only extremely low speeds, and for tasks like coupling a trailer or spotting for your own vehicle when off-roading.

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These may be far-fetched features, but just as the curves of the Discovery Vision concept are meant to portend styling of a near-future Landie, the tech inside is a vision into the features of SUVs not too far off.

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