Largest option buying in equities so far


Nearing the halfway mark in today's session, here are the individual equity names with the most call and put buying on optionMONSTER's ActionTracker data system.

Melco Crown Entertainment (MPEL): Volume surged in the January 14 calls and the January 16 calls as investors position for upside in the share price. MPEL fell 1.40 percent to $13.06.

General Electric (GE): Traders purchased almost 12,000 January 22.50 calls, looking for upside in the share price. GE rose 0.45 percent to $22.15.

Iamgold (IAG): More than 40,0000 January 2014 30 calls were purchased. There was also heavy selling in the stock around the same time, suggesting the use of a hedged delta-neutral trade intended to profit from higher option premiums rather than a directional move. IAG rose 1.86 percent to $15.88

Procter & Gamble (PG): Volume surged in the January 67.50 puts and the 72.50 puts, but volume was below open interest in both. PG rose 0.52 percent to $69.61.

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