Largest option trades in equities


Nearing the halfway mark in today's session, here are the individual equity names with the most call and put buying on optionMONSTER's ActionTracker data system.

SPDR Select Technology Fund (XLK): Some 14,500 January 35 calls were bought, mostly for $0.30 and $0.31, as investors look for the sector to rally over the next month. XLK rose 1.04 percent to $34.56.

KKR (KKR): A block of 7,300 January 2015 30 calls were bought for $1.15 and 4,300 of the January 2015 27 calls were sold for $1.75 as a bullish trade was rolled higher in price and increased in size. KKR rose 1.55 percent to $25.37. (See related story )

ADT (ADT): Almost 2,500 April 42 calls were bought for $1.45 and $1.50 as investors look for upside in the share price. ADT rose 1.93 percent to $39.55.

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